Saturday, January 15, 2011

Top Chef: We're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat

Still kind of angry about Casey being gone so soon, I was excited for a double elimination this week. This prompted me to try out a new thing on the blog, Top Chef is still food related, so that's how I am merging my love for TV into the blog ;-)


My Top Ten Top Chef Moments of the Week

10. Fishing for your own protein, genius.

9. Marcel and his foam which made for lots of judges table chuckles. Why must he put a foam on everything?

8. Carla is so fun when she wins things.

7. Tom's elimination challenge walk-through. I love when he is condescending when he doesn't like what a chef is doing...his facial expressions are clutch.

6. Tre's giggling.

5. Wanting to devour Antonia's Po' Boy sandwich...looked delicious...

4. The Blaze/Fabio bromance develops. They are kind of adorable although it is definitely showing Fabio as a weak contender in my opinion. Still glad he's there for comedic purposes.

3. Intoxicated Marcel ranting/rapping...felt good for someone to beat up on Dale...he's on my short list and needs to be taken down a peg or two (sadly, this was not the episode for that to happen...)

2. Angelo discussing his fear of water which originated from watching Jaws. Hilarious, probably would have been number one if it hadn't been the week we have been waiting around for since episode two...

1. Jamie has finally gone home!

Thanks for letting me indulge in some TV goodness...I promise at least one new recipe next week...I got a couple in mind that should hopefully be pretty tasty!

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