Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Top Chef: Restaurant Wars

This is one of my favorite episodes each season and I was highly anticipating the All Stars rocking this one.


My Top Ten Top Chef Moments of the Week

10. Marcel getting chosen as one team captain, realizing that if his team loses, he'll be going home (it was time for this to happen, for sure...regardless of how much I dislike Dale...)

9. Blais telling his McDonald's story. I would have loved to have seen that one live!

8. Fabio smacktalk during confessionals. I like it when he gets giddy.

7. This episode made me like Angelo...a lot...even though he lost. He plays this game well. Sure he got slammed for not stepping in, but that wasn't going to get him sent home.

6. Hearing Padma say "Marcel, please pack your knives and go" for the first time ever.

5. The sad faces from Bodega's team members that turned to faces of relief. Poor Blais looked like he had been run over by a truck and then he went on to be the winner.

4. The shot of Richard chowing down on some ribs behind Marcel's scared/anxious face.

3. Fabio in the front of the house is fun. I want to eat at one of his restaurants someday. If he and Blais went in together on a restaurant, I'd so be there in a heartbeat.

2. I wanted to eat everything on Bodega's menu.

1. "If your redneck cousin won the lottery, what would he do with his caviar? He'd dip it in Ranch Dressing."

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