Monday, May 3, 2010

Flank Steak Disaster

I had saved this recipe for years, literally years, before giving it a try. I was so confident in its eventual success that it had already been put into my Recipe Keeper that I received at my bridal shower. Oh man, it was a complete disaster. From the soggy stuffing to the crunchy steak. I knew we were in for trouble when Hubby wandered into the kitchen while carrying the baby and when I was checking on the oven the following conversation ensued:

Hubby (to baby): Let's see what mama's cooking for dinner tonight.

Hubby peaks in the oven.

Hubby (to baby): Baked armadillo apparently.

Hubby (to me): What is that for reals?

Me: It's a flank steak pinwheel...

Hubby (to me): It looks like an armadillo...

Hubby (to baby): Aren't you glad you don't have teeth yet?

So there you have it, lessoned learned, no more recipes will make their way into the Recipe Keeper until they have been tested! Perhaps it was something I did, but I will most definitely not be trying this recipe again!

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